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Genting Will Bar


Address:Intersection of JichangRoad and Dayong Road, Yongding District Openinghours: 12:00-13:00 18:00-19:00 20:30-01:00 As the largest 360-degree panoramic theatre in the world, with a total investment of 280 million yuan and a single bu


South of the South Folk House


Address: Opposite ofHuogong Palace, Xibu Street TEL: 18374436386 OpeningHours: 12:00-02:00, Monday to Sunday You can go there by bus and get off atXibu Street station. The buses passing by areWuyuanlingNo.1and tour buses. Nearby landmark bu


Luyao live house


Address:No.123, Jiefang Road TEL: 15344442577 OpeningHours:18:30 to 02:00, Monday to Sunday You can go there by bus and get off at Dayongfu City station or Wenchang Pavillion station. The buses passing by include No.1A,No.401,No.6,No.


Congcongnanian Bar


The bar is locatedin the Wulingyuan District. You can go there by bus No.1 and get off at the Transportation Department orXibu Street. The bar is also close to several BBs and hostels. Address: Xibu Commercial Srteet, Wulingyuan District TE

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