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A timetable for admiring flowers in Zhangjiajie


There are blooming flowers in Zhangjiajie in different times of a year. Whenever you come, you will find beautiful flowers. Here is anintroduction of flowers indifferent seasonsin Zhangjiajie.


Go rafting for summer vacation in Zhangjiajie


Its time for summer vacation! The best destination for yourtravelis definitelyZhangjiajie,a heavenly place with lush mountains and lucid waters. The highest temperature of Zhangjiajie downtown area can reach 38C,whilethe temperature in the


3 day hiking tour in Zhangjiajie


Route A Day 1 Huangshi Village Enter from the national park ticket station, and you can climb the Huangshi Village with its mountain trail of 5 kilometers long, taking about 1.5 to 2 hours. After that, you may return by the same way or from


5-day photography tour


Day 1 Baizhang Vally Huanglong Cave Baofeng Lake In the morning, you can take pictures of precipicesin Baizhang Valley, which presents differentviewsin different seasons. In Spring, there are cherry blossomsand Azaleaflowers; in Summer, the

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