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History of Zhangjiajie


Approved by State Council of The Peoples Republic of China, Dayong City was officiallyrenamed as ZhangJiejie City(prefecture-level city)in April 4,1994. As a new-born tourism city, ZhangJiajieboasts a long history, which can date back to Ne


Introduction of Zhangjiajie


Introduction of Zhangjiajie's scenic spots.


Introduction of Zhangjiajie Administrative Regions


Yongding District located in the northwest of Hunan Province, Yongding District belongs to the hinterland of Wuling Mountains, where Zhangjiajie Municipal Peoples Government lies. It is not only the political, economic and cultural center o




Located in themiddle latitude areain the North hemisphere and subtropical humid monsoon climatezone, Zhangjiajie enjoys abundant sunshineand rainfall, with a long frost-free period, short hot period and four distinctive seasons. The average

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