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Best Food in Zhangjiajie shows on CCTV 4

By Zeng Lingpei | Updated : Jan 16, 2020
Zhangjiajie, world renowned for its unique landscapes, is also appealing for its tasty food. 'Best Food in China', a program on CCTV 4, will present the best and tasty food in Zhangjiajie. Let’s take a look.


1. Favourite Sour Food
   Time: 18:00, Jan. 13


In Zhangjiajie, a place where minorities gather, the sour and spicy food in the jars of every family is not only necessary condiments, but also a taste of homeland.

This episode introduces three of Zhangjiajie’s most distinctive “sour” dishes, showing how the local people to keep food fresh, appetizing and flavorful, and their love for sour food.


2. The wild Food
   Time: 18:00, Jan. 14

There are abundant unknown wild food on the magic land of Zhangjiajie.
This episode records how the local people to find and process the mountain delicacies bred by the unique natural environment.

3. The Best Use of Food
    Time: 18:00, Jan. 15

In times of material shortage, Tujia people tried to make the best use of food. With the ingenuity of the Tujia people, the ingredients that should have been discarded or could not be used have become delicious dishes on the table. At present, a great many dishes have served as the representatives of Zhangjiajie gourmet. Tujia people have truly turned waste into treasure.

4. Food Made of Rice
   Time: 18:00, Jan. 16

Zhangjiajie City is a typical agricultural area with Tujia people as its main residents, and the local people are used to living on rice. Besides steamed rice for three meals a day, they also cook dishes and make candies using rice. They are good at using different cooking methods to create various unique food made of rice.

5. Preserved Meat
    Time: 18:00, Jan. 17

Zhangjiajie is located in the northwest of Hunan with large quantities of mountains and lucid vegetation, rich in wood. People have been accustomed to making smoked bacon since ancient times with a history of more than 2,000 years.

This episode selects three representative smoked food of Zhangjiajie, and respectively narrates the relationship between the food and the people.

Edited by Li Ling

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