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A thanks letter from Zhangjiajie government

By Tang Jiamao | Updated : Feb 17, 2020
Confronted with the outbreak of novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia, the CPC Zhangjiajie municipal committee and Zhangjiajie city government, under the firm leadership of the CPC Central Committee, always give priority to the safety and health of the people in Zhangjiajieis, and make concerted efforts to fight against the epidemic scientifically and resolutely.

At this crucial moment, all sectors, including commercial associations, private enterprises, democratic groups, civil organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals, offer a hand to build a wall against the epidemic.

We will never forget what you have done for the city. Yang Xuewen, the president of Changsha Chamber of Commerce at Zhangjiajie City, and Yang Xiu, the president of Zhangjiajie Chamber of Commerce at Changsha City, served as the messenger and purchaser of medical supplies with the help of hard-working members. On top of Jinhua Pharmaceutical Corporation, which donated one million RMB yuan and took on the work of transportation, Shenzhou Medical Corporation, Meini Supermarket, Caizhitang Pharmacy and other enterprises also played a key role in sorting out medical resources. Companies and commercial associations from sister cities, such as Sany Heavy Industry Corporation, Broad Corporation, Derom Medical Group, Ningbang Group, Kingsky Group Macao, Changsha Association of Industry and Commerce and Changsha Guangcaishiye Foundation, other commercial associations related to Zhangjiajie City, such as  Hunan-Thailand Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Qingzhou Chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu Province and Changsha Chamber of Commerce, and enterprises of Zhangjiajie City, including Wanzhong Industry Corporation, Zhansheng Plastic Products Company, Hongyan New Materials Company,  Maoyanmei Company, Hunan Youguan Industry Group, and Qiankun Biological Technology Company, all organized donating activities. The Chinese people at home and abroad, represented by Hu Kaitie from Hunan Association in the UK and staff in charge of foreign investment in Zhangjiajie, all tried their best to purchase medical supplies from abroad. Li Bing, fromTsinghua University, sent a batch of infrared temperature measuring devices. It is your good deeds that provide timely aid for the epidemic prevention and control.

What’s more, 50 sprayers were donated by Zhangjiajie Chamber of Commerce of Building Materials. Food service industry and other social organizations donated food and living necessities. Among residents at different places of Zhangjiejie City, citizens of Yongding district offered over 1,500 kilograms of vegetables for the traffic police working on the front line; Yuan Mouwen at Wulingyuan district took the lead in making donations; private business operators at Sangzhi donated 200 cartons of soda water for medical staff; and Tang Haijun, a cadre of Xiangtan County, was voluntary to transport medical supplies from Xiangtan. And there are many other unregistered groups and individuals that offered a great deal of help through various channels.

The people of Zhangjiajie City will always keep in mind the concern, support and help from all sectors during the epidemic prevention and control. What you have done injects great strength and confidence for us to defeat the epidemic.

We firmly believe that the epidemic is bound to be defeated with the joint efforts from all walks of life. Standing together, we can protect the beautiful home city. As a famous tourist city and the window of Hunan province, the city of Zhangjiajie will welcome all of you when our country triumph over the epidemic. 

CPC Zhangjiajie City Committee
People’s Government of Zhangjiajie City
February 14, 2020

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports