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Notice on the reopening of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

By Li Liandi | Updated : Mar 04, 2020
Dear tourists,

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area will be reopened from March 2, 2020, according to the local authority.

1. Opening hours: 9:30 AM to 15:00 PM.

2. From March 1 to December 31, 2020, the grand canyon, glass bridge, sightseeing elevator and treasure elevator project will be free for all medical staff across the nation (with ID Card, doctor’s certificates, nurse’s certificates and other valid certificates). From March 2 to April 4, 2020, half-price ticket will be offered (except for the preferential tickets). Other experience projects and commercial commodities are still closed. Due to the construction and improvement of the scenic area, the single grand canyon line is temporarily closed. The above is subject to change with further notice.

3. The scenic area will strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, and tourists are requested to cooperate and practice.     

4. In order to create a safe tour environment, the scenic area will implement strict and comprehensive disinfection. All staff in the scenic area will receive professional trainings. A series of contingency plans have also been made to ensure safe travel.

5. According to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, tourists can book tickets on the official website of the scenic area10 days in advance.  

6. All tickets are purchased by the real-name system through the official websites, and tickets will be checked in different periods. Tour groups can get the ticket at the ticket office of the tourist center with the itinerary and order number.  

7. Tourists should have their temperatures taken and wear masks before entrance. If tourists have fever, cough or other symptoms, please inform the staff in the scenic area in time.

8. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the inbound groups should contact the marketing department of the scenic area in advance.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Toruism Development Co., Ltd

March 1, 2020
2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports