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Health QR codes put into effect in all tourist reception venues

By Li Liandi | Updated : Mar 11, 2020
In order to scientifically make full use of big data to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and to implement the strategy of preventing imported cases, a notice on using health QR codes has been issued. 
1. Raise awareness and further strengthen organizational leadership

We can figure out the different risk level of residents' possible exposure to the novel coronavirus through the colors of the health QR codes, thus providing strong technical supports for epidemic prevention and control. At present, the city’s major scenic spots are being reopened, receiving the increasing number of tourists. So, all relevant departments at all levels should fully understand the significance of using health QR codes in tourist reception venues for epidemic prevention and control.

2. Promote the use of health QR codes through widespread publicity

All relevant departments and tourist enterprises should promote the use of health QR codes to all citizens and tourists through different ways, including promotional videos,  brochures, slogans and online publicity, making them aware of the codes and ready to use. The Operation Guide for Health QR Codes should be posted in a prominent place at scenic spots, hotels, catering and entertainment venues, airports, railway stations and all kinds of public vehicles. Besides, special staff should be assigned to help citizens and tourists download and use the codes. All relevant departments should focus on those who have traveled from other places and strengthen measures to realize the full coverage of using health QR codes as soon as possible.   

3. Strictly implement dynamic classification management

All is required to take body temperature, ID card and e-health code checks before entering a public place. And the information should be registered. Green presents that one can go and leave normally after taking temperature. Those people whose codes are red or yellow, which indicates they may have been exposed to the COVID-19 environment or close contact with confirmed patients in the past 14 days, will be immediately guided to the temporary quarantine room, and be further checked by the local department for disease control and prevention.    
4. Fully implement management and control of health QR codes

Local tourist reception venues should shoulder the responsibilities, taking temperature and making registration. Local authorities should fulfill their regulatory responsibilities and guide the relevant work and implementation of the health codes. All people are required to provide authentic and accurate information when registering for a health QR code. Those who conceal any information to cause serious consequences or refuse to comply with the requirements will be held accountable according to law.         

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