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Qiaotou Township: incomparable spring scenery

By Li Liandi | Updated : Mar 27, 2020
Be it spring rain, spring wood or spring breeze, it is the incomparable spring scenery in Qiaotou Township, Zhangjiajie City.


Qiaotou Village, where yellow cole flowers are in full bloom, ushers in its best viewing period.


Yajiaoshan Village stands a century-old tree and rolls sea of clouds, which endow the mountain village with magic and charm.   

Zhangjiata Village is suitable for family and friends to have a fishing trip and enjoy the idyllic scenery.

Meicha Tea Base in Xiongjialuo Village, where you can enjoy a tranquil and comfortable noon, drinking a cup tea while reading a book.

Travel tips  

You can take the Qiaotou shuttle bus from the bus station in Zhangjiajie urban area to both Gaofeng Village and Xiongjialuo Village; you can also drive along the Zhangjiajie-Sangzhi Highway, which is about 30 minutes’ drive.

You can admire golden cole flowers, sea of clouds, ancient tree, and fishing. You can seek for the origin of Zhangtou puppet show in Qiaotou Village. You can feel profound spirit of Long March at Yangjiawan Revolutionary Base, or experience in picking tea leaves at Mei Tea Base of Xiongjialuo Village or Qiaotou Village.   

Best viewing time: from March to September

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