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Schools to reopen in batches in Zhangjiajie

By Li Liandi | Updated : Apr 03, 2020
Zhangjiajie’s primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens will resume classes in four batches, according to the municipal governments.

The first batch of schools will resume classes on April 7, including graduating classes of junior and senior high schools, college entrance examination cram sessions, and graduating classes in vocational schools.

The second batch of schools will start classes on April 13, including other classes of junior and senior high schools, and secondary vocational schools.  

The third batch includes all grades of primary schools.

The fourth batch includes kindergartens (including public and private kindergartens).

The opening time of the third and fourth batches will be announced later after deliberate evaluation.
All internships of secondary vocational schools will be arranged in an orderly manner according to the situation of local enterprises’ reopening. Teachers and staff should return to schools in batches in advance before the formal reopening of schools. Only when all high, middle and elementary schools reopen can training institutions restart their business. 

Zhangjiajie Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and Control Work of COVID-19

April 2, 2020
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