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Announcement on establishment of complaints reporting system

By Li Liandi | Updated : Apr 02, 2020
An announcement on Establishment of Complaints Reporting System for Those Affecting the High-quality Development of Economy & Society (hereinafter referred to the circular) was issued on a press conference held by Zhangjiajie City on the morning of March 31.

The announcement clearly specifies that tenterprises (projects) can report the situation, make a complaint and put forward suggestions through different ways including telephone, fax, e-mail, wechat official account and etc.    

Eight situations can be accepted and handled, including suggestions on the high-quality development of economy and society; important issues that need to be solved by the government or relevant departments in the process of investment, construction and operation; existing problems related to the government, functional departments and public institutions involving government services, market access,

Besides, it also states the specific acceptance time hours. Complaints and reports shall be handled within 24 hours; within 24 hours after acceptance, specific feedback shall be given to the complainant; those complaints transferred to other agencies shall be handled and completed within 10 working days; within 24 hours after completion, results shall be informed of the complainant with a satisfaction survey.  

At present, Zhangjiajie focuses on work resumption while continuing efforts on epidemic prevention and control. All the continued projects in the city resumed construction. In the first quarter, 144 projects have already invested 3.253 billion yuan, 11% of the total planned investment, basically the same as the 3.244 billion yuan in the same period of last year. Next, the city will shift its focus to the project construction and high-quality development of economy. Effective measures should be taken from various aspects such as factor guarantee, fund, administrative approval  and assistance to accelerate the construction of projects.   

This aims to actively respond to the impacts on the development of local economy and society caused by the COVID-19, effectively promote the high-quality development of the city’s economy and society. It’s important for the city to provide a relaxed administrative environment, timely coordination and protection and excellent services for enterprises, so that enterprises can devote themselves into its high-quality development. The city will make coordinated efforts to promote the work of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development; strive to minimize the losses caused by the epidemic; make joint efforts to finish the annual goals; ensure the decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way and fighting against the poverty.   

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