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Yangjiajie Cableway is suspended for annual maintenance till April 11

By Tang Jiamao | Updated : Apr 07, 2020

Yangjiajie Cableway is suspended.

Overhaul of Yangjiajie Cableway

Yangjiajie Cableway in the Wulingyuan Scenic area of Zhangjiajie City was  suspended on April 2, when technicians started the annual check and maintenance for it. It will be resumed on April 11.

The overhaul mainly includes maintenance of cableway motors, electromechanical facilities, wheel sets, cables, etc., and varnishing and rust-proof work for the upper and lower stations and brackets, which is planned to be completed within 9 days. At the same time, skill training is also provided for front-line personnel. During the halt, tourists can appreciate the stunning natural scenery within Yangjiajie Scenic Area on foot.

Yangjiajie Cableway is the fourth air traffic route established on April 18, 2014 after the completion of Huangshizhai Cableway, Tianzishan Cableway and Bailong Elevator in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area.

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