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Kindergartens and elementary schools to reopen

By Chen Xining | Updated : Apr 14, 2020
Announcement on the opening of Zhangjiajie’ kindergartens and elementary schools in the spring semester of 2020

With the agreement of CPC Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee and Zhangjiajie municipal government, the announcement on the opening of kindergartens and elementary schools in Zhangjiajie is hearby published as follows:

1. The fourth, fifth, and sixth grades start on April 20, while the first, second, and third grades and special education schools start on April 26. Teachers and staff involved must be in place one week in advance.

2. All kindergartens are expected to open after the May Day holiday, and the specific date will be determined according to the evaluation of epidemic prevention and control.

3. The College Entrance Examination is postponed to July 7 and 8, released by the Ministry of Education and the Hunan Provincial Department of Education. Accordingly, the senior high school entrance examination is postponed to July 16-18.

4. According to Arrangement about Primary and Secondary Education in the Spring Semester of 2020 issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Education, Zhangjiajie adopts several measures to fulfill the teaching tasks, including compressing total class hours, increasing one class hour per day, and having rest only on sundays. Meanwhile, all gathering activities like sports games, off-campus social practice and research trips are suspended.

5. All schools should organize vaccination for students. Kindergartens, primary schools, and parents need to check the vaccination of children under 7 years old before they go to school.

COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Zhangjiajie City

 April 13, 2020
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