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Zhangjiajie proposes teachers and students to stay inside the city during May Day

By Tang Jiamao | Updated : Apr 30, 2020
Teachers, parents, and students of Zhangjiajie,
May Day is coming, yet the still tricky epidemic situation requires constant alert. To guarantee your health and safety, the following suggestions are given:
Firstly, intercity activities are not recommended unless they are necessary. Teaching staff and students who need to leave the city must have your travel plan approved by the school and not go abroad or travel to areas at medium or high pandemic risks. Parents are also advised not to take you kids outside the city.
Secondly, please try to stay indoors, wash your hands frequently, wear masks, do more exercise and avoid crowded or airless space during the holiday.
Thirdly, do not hold or participate in gathering activities such as wedding, funeral, and party.
Fourthly, when planning your trip, please consider going to the nearest open areas at different time, avoid the peak hours at popular scenic spots and keep at least one meter away from other people.
Fifthly, you should go to the nearest designated hospital at once in case of fever, cough or fatigue and tell the truth of your contact history during May Day.
Have a happy and safe May Day holiday!
Zhangjiajie COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters
April 29, 2020

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