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Kindergartens will reopen on May 11

By Chen Xining | Updated : May 07, 2020
Announcement on the opening of Zhangjiajie’ kindergartens in the spring semester of 2020

With the agreement of CPC Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee and Zhangjiajie municipal government, the announcement on the opening of kindergartens in Zhangjiajie is hearby published as follows:
1. All kindergartens (including public and private ones) are about to reopen on May 11. Each kindergarten must submit an opening application to the corresponding   education department and then can reopen after being approved. All kindergartens must open before May 18. Teachers and staff involved must be in place one week in advance.

2. All social training organizations (including child care ones) can submit an opening application to the corresponding education department and then can independently carry out offline training after being approved.

3. Local colleges and universities can submit an opening application to COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Zhangjiajie City after the May Day holiday. The specific opening dates of qualified colleges and universities shall be determined by Education Department of Hunan Province.

4. If the epidemic prevention and control situation keeps improving without any other changes, the school opening date shall follow this “Announcement”; If any changes happen, the school opening date shall be re-determined after scientific research and judgment.

5. Schools and kindergartens at all levels shall take due responsibilities to conduct a series of health check to ensure the health of teachers and students, including strengthening contacts with parents and registering health condition of teachers and students returning to school after the May Day holiday.

COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Zhangjiajie City

May 5, 2020
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