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Preserved meat with tofu and radish (Sanxiaguo)

Updated : May 17, 2019

The restaurants with advertisement of “authentic Sanxiaguo” or “Tujia Sanxiaguo” can be found everywhere in Zhangjiajie in which Sanxiaguo has emerged as the most unique and well-known food.

It’s said that the government recruited and dispatched Tusi soldiers living in western Hunan and Hubei to fight against Japanese invaders during the reign of Emperor Jiajing in Ming Dynasty. It happened to come across Spring Festival when the war broke out. In order to carry out military plan on time, the tribe chief also called Tusi decided to celebrate the New Year one day in advance. They cooked preserved meat, tofu and radish together in a pot, naming it “mixed food” which gradually evolved to be Sanxiaguo.

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