‘Viewing Zhangjiajie Scenery Online’ Day 67: magnificent peak walls in Yangjiajie

By Chen Xining | Updated : May 29, 2020
Peak walls are concentrated in the Yangjiajie Scenic Area, and tourists can take Yangjiajie Cableway up to Yangjiajie to enjoy such splendid scenery.

Yangjiajie Cableway has a total length of 1,970 meters and an altitude of 517 meters, with a single trip of about 10 minutes. Such a moving “observation station” enables tourists to have a close contact with the unique Zhangjiajie landform and enjoy changing views mile by mile.

There are a dozen of paralleling giant and imposing stone walls with a history of nearly 380 million years, which are like naturally-formed great walls with different altitudes.

There are two different tourist routes at the top of Yangjiajie, but most of tourists choose the route from Wulong Village to Tianbo Mansion. Tourists with limited time and weak physical body can take 10 minutes walk to reach the nearest viewing point from the upper cableway station. 

Against the background of a range of endless mountains, peak walls look especially magnificent under the blue sky. The famous British scholar and geologist Simon Winchester commented that “Peak Walls in Yangjiajie are as great as the Great Wall!”
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