‘Viewing Zhangjiajie Scenery Online’ Day 68: Baofeng Waterfall

By Li Liandi | Updated : Jun 01, 2020
Journey to the West is a household name in China and it was filmed for television in 1980s. Some of the scenes were shot in the scenic spots of Zhangjiajie. The peaks and waterfalls in Baofeng Lake are the prototypes of Huaguo Mount and Water Curtain Cave, where the Monkey King- Sun Wukong lives.

Located at the entrance of the scenic spot, Baofeng Waterfall is the landmark of Baofeng Lake scenic spot in Wulingyuan District.

You will be attracted by a pool of aquarium fish first before reaching the waterfall. The waterfall cascades down, some water dropping onto the rock halfway with a lot of splashes, while other flowing down the hill and forming a curtain, right the Water Curtain Cave. There is a steel cable bridge in front of the curtain, named Baofeng Bridge, and three red Chinese characters “Bao Feng Lake” are on the stone on one side of the bridge.

The waterfall starts from the 10 meters below the surface of Baofeng Lake. Baofeng Lake is a lake surrounded by high gorges, which can be known as the world lake classic.    

The natural water is suitable for the growth of giant salamanders. At the bottom left of the waterfall, there is a 53-year-old giant salamander in the sightseeing pool.

You can walk for tens of minutes to the dock, and then take a boat tour. You also can return to the entrance of the scenic spot and take a passenger vehicle for a few minutes to the dock.  
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