Hetang Art Gallery to hold Tian Yinqiu oil painting exhibition

By Chen Xining | Updated : Jun 01, 2020
The oil painting exhibition of Tian Yinqiu themed by “ Reconstruction Memory” is planned to be held between June 6 and June 22 in Hetang Art Gallery.

Nearly a hundred oil paintings created by Tian Yinqiu will be displayed. Most of the works are about the human nature, life and death, joys and sorrows in the world based on the artist’s own experiences and the ethnic folk customs, combining both realistic and abstract painting skills. 

Tian Yinqiu was born in Zhangjiejie, Hunan Province in 1967. She has learned from a local painter, Mr. Dai Shenqiu since the early age, and later studied in Changsha People’s Art College, the Arts Department of Hunan Normal University, the Chinese Artists Association and Chinese National Academy of Arts. After returning to Zhangjiajie from Beijng in 2008, she established the Junheng Painting Studio and Wenqiu Gallery in 2010.

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