Mayor Liu launches investment promotion in Beijing

By Chen Xining | Updated : Jun 02, 2020
On May 29, Liu Ge’an, vice secretary of the CPC Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee and Mayor of Zhangjiajie, met representatives from three enterprises in Beijing to  discuss the possible cooperation in industries like sports robot, information + health.

Liu Ge’an expressed gratitude to the three enterprises for their attention and support to Zhangjiajie, a world-renowned tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists with rich tourism resources and better industrial integration. In recent years, Zhangjiajie has witnessed a faster-growing tourism industry, a stronger comprehensive carrying capacity, a better transportation system and larger investment potential and development prospects. Zhangjiajie warmly welcomes all investors to further promote its high-quality development.

The representative from a sports company said that sports and tourism industries are inseparable. Since Zhangjiajie is a major tourist city and the hometown of Marshal He Long, the founder of China’s sports industry, there is much space for cooperation in sports industry for both sides. The company will support Zhangjiajie to pilot the industrial integration of sports and tourism.

The representative from a robots company believed that in recent years, Zhangjiajie’s economic development has been more dynamic with a rising number of tourists, which has provided a broad stage for the development of the robot industry. The company will work hard to speed up the project construction and operation, making contributions to the economic and social development of Zhangjiajie.

Another representative from Zhongguancun, the center of China’s information industry, said that Zhongguancun has unique advantages in “information industry + general health + biomedicine”, while Zhangjiajie is famous for its planting of traditional Chinese herbs in China with beautiful ecological environment, marking an extensive cooperation space for the two sides. The company hopes to underpin Zhangjiajie’s economic development via biopharmaceutical and health care industries.

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