Zhangjiajie and Guizhou promote tourism in Yiyang

By Liu Renyang | Updated : Jun 02, 2020
Zhangjiajie & Guizhou Tourism Joint Marketing Group went to Yiyang to introduce their beautiful natural landscapes, folk customs and diversified tourism products to local tourists and citizens on May 30.

The various forms of sales promotion activities, including folk song and dance performances, displays of Zhangjiajie intangible cultural heritage, graphic and video product promotion, interactions, and lucky draw attracted many citizens to participate with great enthusiasm on the Ocean City Plaza in downtown Yiyang.

Qin Jinting, deputy head of the Wulingyuan District, said that under the regular epidemic prevention and control, the tourism market in Zhangjiajie is gradually recovering, especially with the orderly proceeding of intra-provincial tourism activities throughout the province, the intra-provincial tourism market has improved significantly, with self-driving tours, weekend leisure vacations, rural short-term tours, and home-stay tours more popular. At present, except for a few performing arts companies, the scenic spots, hotels, inns have all resumed work.

Hu Bi, general manager of Zhangjiajie Better International Travel Agency, who participated in this joint marketing, said that under the current situation that cross-provincial and cross-border tourism has not yet been restored, it is necessary to rely more on and tap the tourists source in the province to recover and boost Zhangjiajie's tourism market. In addition to online promotion, offline promotion also launched a series of customized tourist routes for different consumer groups in various regions.

This joint marketing event has been successfully held in 6 prefecture-level cities including Hengyang, Loudi, Huaihua, and Changde.

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