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Wawayu (Chinese giant salamander)

Updated : Oct 10, 2019

Wawayu, also known as Chinese giant salamander, is the largest and most precious amphibian which is entitled as second-class protected species at national level. Zhangjiajie is home to Chinese giant salamander which is granted as China Protected Geographical Indication Product.

Wayayu, praised as “Ginseng in the water” and “soft gold” by experts, can be raised by human. As a kind of fish with functions like keeping health and beauty, it tastes delicious without fishbone, carrying higher nutritional value than beef and venison.

It is also a valuable traditional Chinese medicinal animal. According to the record of Compendium of Materia Medica, Chinese giant salamander has the function of improving intelligence, maintaining beauty, nourishing blood, strengthening kidney and preventing cancer. Besides, it also proved to be highly effective in kidney tonification, blood invigoration and anemia treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine holds the opinion that Chinese giant salamander can cure diseases like neurasthenia, anemia, dysentery and malaria.     

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