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Splendid sea of clouds in Baozijie

By Chen Xining | Updated : Jul 31, 2020
Baozijie, known as the “back garden of Tianmen Mountain”, is a fairyland boasting the most beautiful sea of clouds in Zhangjiajie.

Baozijie is located in Daping Town, Yongding District, about 35 kilometers away from the urban area of Zhangjiajie.
Known as Shichangxi Forest Farm, Baozijie was called Zhuyu Mountain in the early years. Its main peak is more than 1,200 meters above sea level and it is named Baozijie (Bao means a fortress in English) due to the fortress-shaped ridge. Facing the majestic Tianmen Mountain, Baozijie is reputed as the “back garden of Tianmen Mountain”.

Baozijie is now a forest farm with charming rural scenery and an immense forest. When driving up along the winding mountain road, visitors can see layers of terraces and dense bushes. After reaching the top, visitors can overlook the peaks of Tianmen Mountain and Tianmen Cave, while the scenery will be more charming if sea of clouds appears.

The sea of clouds in Tianmen Mountain is a great attraction in Zhangjiajie. However, few outsiders are familiar with Baozijie, a place that is well-known among the local.

The continuous hills, lush plants, quiet paths and blooming flowers make Baozijie a magnet to outdoor hikers who can admire the entire scene behind Tianmen Mountain, the pastoral scenery and the verdant forest from here.

Besides the sea of clouds, Baozijie also boasts beautiful terraces. Unlike the terraces in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces with great drop, the terraces here are more delicate. Meanwhile, hikers can have an intimate contact with nature in Baozijie, a place decorated by wild forests, ancient trees, small waterfalls, verdant hills and sea of clouds. Camping here, visitors can look up at the starry sky at night and wake up with fragrant flowers and whirring birds in the morning.

The forest farm can be reached along a winding mountain road which is flanked by towering trees. It is a good place for people to avoid heat in hot summer.

The sea of clouds, terraces and waterflows here together present a harmonious scenery and the changing scenery of Baozijie always brings visitors surprises.

Featured by splendid dawn, sunset, sea of clouds and galaxy, Baozije presents unique pictures in different seasons and echoes with Tianmen Cave. At the same time, the brilliant Tianmen Cave, ancient villages, mirror-like terraces and whirling forests are dotted among the sea of clouds. 

Besides Baozijie, there are many fantastic and beautiful attractions in Tianmenshan Town, such as Tianmenshan Reservoir, Red River Valley, Dingjiajie and Qixing Mountain. Tourists are recommended to visit Baozijie for shooting and camping or appreciate the charming scenery with several friends.

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