Building a beautiful countryside in Shuangwen Village

By Liu Renyang | Updated : Aug 14, 2020
Shuangwen Village is located in the northwest of Suoxiyu Sub-district Office in Wulingyuan District. In recent years, with the strong support of some units, district departments, and Suoxiyu Sub-district, Shuangwen Village has seen stronger  grassroots organizations, developed collective economy, improved infrastructure, and the enhanced people's sense of happiness. As of the end of 2019, the per capita net income of farmers exceeded 12,000 yuan.

The village leaders attach great importance to poverty alleviation work. The District Political and Legal Committee and the District Justice Bureau selected 3 excellent cadres to form a village support team, understanding people’s needs, solving practical difficulties, and laying a good foundation for poverty alleviation in Shuangwen Village. Twenty-five government officials from the two units provided 46 registered poor households with one-to-one assistance, making sure that each household has a responsible person for poverty alleviation. In 2019, the per capita income of registered poor households reached more than 5,000 yuan.

The support team helped improve the leadership of grassroots party organizations, making the village committees contribute more strength to the development of the village. 

Increased investment in infrastructure to improve living environment. 

Besides, the village gradually increased investment in infrastructure with projects and integrated fund.
From 2015 to 2016, Shuangfeng area of the village invested a total of more than 80,000 yuan to transform and upgrade the drinking water project, 450,000 yuan to harden 1200 meters of village road, 300,000 yuan as characteristic industry poverty alleviation fund, and more than 1,000,000 yuan to build a distinctive Shuangfeng ecological farm and put it into operation smoothly.

 Wenzhuang area invested 245,000 yuan to harden more than 400 meters of road surface, 450,000 yuan to complete the Luojiawan Dam and supporting projects (storage capacity of 1,300 cubic meters), 100,000 yuan to complete the construction and maintenance of a 100-cubic meter reservoir in Shenshuiyu, 150,000 yuan to build two 50-cubic meters septic tanks in Baiyang Bay.

Since 2017, Shuangwen Village has continued to enhance its infrastructure construction. It has invested 1.98 million yuan to complete the installation of 80 street lights, and built villagers’ cultural, sports and entertainment equipment and venues. It also invested 10 million yuan to complete 3 village party group rooms, built 1 day care center for the elderly, and finished 1 village collective economic project construction, 7 agriculture-related capital integration project construction; invested 5.2 million yuan to build 1,000 cubic meters of reservoirs, completed 2.5 kilometers of road reconstruction, and completed Maojiata living environment renovation and Qiujiaping basic farmland renovation project. In 2020, the village also launched the construction of four cultural squares.

Developing collective economy through a village + enterprise model 

Shuangwen Village regards the development of collective economy as an important measure to promote poverty alleviation, and uses resource advantages to tap development potential and promote vigorous development of village's collective economy.

In October 2016, Xiong Feng established Xiong Feng Culture and Art Industrial Park in the village. In 2019, Shuangwen Village relied on the park to establish Xiongfeng Sculpture Art Professional Cooperative, which adopts the "village + enterprise" cooperation model. That is, the village invested funds and commissioned Xiong Feng to operate. The village received a certain share of dividends, and 78 people from 22 households in the village also received dividends. The Sculpture Cooperative not only revitalized idle resources, but also brought considerable collective economic income, and created jobs for registered poor households.

At the end of 2019, the 2 million poverty alleviation funds obtained by Shuangwen Village and Shuangxing Village will be invested in the Sculpture Collective through the share dividend model. The collective economic income of the two villages has again been greatly increased, and the lives of registered poor households have also been highly secured. In addition to the Xiongfeng Culture and Art Industrial Park, Shuangwen Village has also introduced many enterprises to settle in recent years, and the village's collective economy saw an annual income of 230,000 yuan. At the same time, 147 people from 46 households benefited from it. In 2019, the annual per capita income of villagers exceeded 12,000 yuan.

Peoples sense of happiness continues to improve.

In recent years, Shuangwen Village has focused on rural culture and effective governance, and comprehensively implemented a social governance model of joint consultation, management, construction, governance and shared benefits. It exerts efforts to build a rural governance system that combines rule of law, rule of virtue, and autonomy, which helps continuously improve the happiness of people.

Shuangwen Village launched a campaign of family environment evaluation, which has fundamentally improved the rural environmental sanitation. At the same time, the village carried out law enforcement inspection on illegal pig farmers, and banned all farmers who failed to meet environmental protection requirements. At present, 4 heavily polluted pig farms have been demolished, and 9 have been rectified. At the same time, surveillance videos have been used to cover the main roads and densely populated areas of the village to ensure the safety of the village.

It set up the legal system and personnel to actively mediate conflicts and disputes. The support team and the "two committees" of the village successfully mediated various conflicts and disputes between the villagers. Since 2017, Shuangwen Village has focused on the overall planning and integration of poverty alleviation, comprehensive improvement of the rural environment and other work. It has pioneered appraisal and commendation activities in the region and promoted it in 33 villages (communities) in the region. At the same time, it held meetings to actively promote policies for poverty alleviation and environmental improvement. In the comprehensive management polls of provinces, cities, and districts, the satisfaction of the people has seen significant increase. In the first half of 2018 and the second half of 2018, Shuangwen Village won the first and second place among 33 villages (communities) in the district in a poll.
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