Second web celebrity livestreaming tourism festival to open

By Liu Wei | Updated : Aug 14, 2020
With the theme of “Wonderland Zhangjiajie amazing the whole world”, the second Zhangjiajie Web celebrity Livestreaming Tourism Festival will be launched in Jiutiandong square of Maoyan River Scenic Spot on August 15. At present, the activities are under orderly preparation.

The event will be one of the important measures to create an economic cluster for online celebrities, carry out online tourism activities and fully promote tourism recovery. On the day of launching ceremony, seven theme activities for the festival will be released and awards will be presented to the winners who named a heart-shaped lake located in Maoyan River scenic spot. The shooting of music video of folk ballad “Don’t go” will also be started then.

At the same time, local government will also sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Huya (a popular live streaming platform in China), award the Huya Livestreaming Zhangjiajie Station and the Huya Livestreaming Training Base, which will lay a solid foundation for the development of the city’s tourism Internet celebrity economy.

A real, dimensional and wonderful Zhangjiajie will be presented to potential tourists at home and abroad from August 15 to December 31 with the seven theme activities and the advantages of network media, thus promoting the full recovery of the tourism market and contributing to the establishment of a better tourism city and tourism demonstration city.

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