Hongjiaguan rated as characteristic cultural tourism town

By Liu Wei | Updated : Aug 16, 2020
In June , Hongjiaguan Bai Nationality Township, along with other 9 towns, was rated as Characteristic Cultural Tourism Town of Hunan Province. On August 12, the Publicity Department of Hunan province and Sangzhi County invited Xiaoxiang Morning News to conduct an all-media live streaming for the promotion of the township.


The Bai Nationality cultural performances like the Bai drum dance of Sangzhi County, a folk dance with a long history, attracted reporters, many tourists, and local people. Afterwards, they tasted the famous white tea of Sangzhi and learned about its planting history and features in detail.
The local people used wonderful Sangzhi folk songs to well interpret the characteristic culture of the township.

The township is rich in resources and has a long cultural history. With its natural advantage of developing characteristic cultural tourism, the township has focused on promoting tourism with culture, developing through tourism, and building it into a characteristic cultural tourism town by holding various “red culture” activities.
2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports