Huanghe Village shakes off poverty

By Liu Wei | Updated : Aug 17, 2020

Huanghe Village

Since 2018, under the leadership of relevant organizations and poverty alleviation teams, Huanghe Village,Wulingyuan District Zhangjiajie City, has continuously enriched the cultural and spiritual life of local villagers by focusing on infrastructure construction and industrial development, embarking on a suitable road to prosperity.

“We must keep the interests of local people in mind and shoulder the responsibility of poverty alleviation. " said Wu Lianggui, the leader of the poverty alleviation team. The development of the village has always been the only direction of the team.

With the efforts of the team, three slab bridges were built to solve the problem of local villagers’ travel difficulties, the construction of supporting facilities for characteristic government affairs center was completed to provide convenience for serving local people and some roads were remodeled. All these led to a better living environment in the village.

While strengthening infrastructure construction, Huanghe Village figured out the existing problems of unsustainable industrial development and weak collective economy, and then took developing the village-level collective economy as the key to boost its socio-economic development.

Some industries including Tianzishan chopped pepper, Xiangjiatai vegetable planting cooperative and grape base have gained good momentum after steady development.

Poverty alleviation is inseparable from relevant policies, assistance and responsibility. Today, the team is still striving to revitalize the countryside and bring new hope to local people's better-off life.

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