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Charming Xiangxi: a must-see folk performance

By Li Liandi | Updated : Aug 28, 2020
Founded in 2000, Charming Xiangxi Theater is located in Charming Xiangxi International Culture Plaza of Wulingyuan core scenic spot, Zhangjiajie City. The plaza covers an area of 2.08 hectares, with a total investment of 450 million yuan and 2,800 seats in the theatre. Every night, the theatre is full of people and the performance is highly appreciated by the audience.

At present, Charming Xiangxi has received over 15 million tourists across the world. 1 out of three tourists watched the performance of Charming Xiangxi, showing a high views. “Only in Zhangjiajie can you see such performances.” said Feng Xiaogang, a very famous film director in China and the director of Charming Xiangxi.

Fire Drum

Their passion, imagination, courage and toughness are forged in the fire and inspired by the drum. 


Border Town: Cuicui

Border Town is the representative work of Shen Congwen, a famous modern Chinese writer. The performance vividly represents the love story of Cuicui, Tianbao and Nuosong. The goodness of characters are integrated into the natural landscapes.

Chasing Love

The young men of Yao nationality express their love by singing, dancing, and climbing to pursue girls on the wooden building in western Hunan Province.

Lampstand Made by Coriaria Branches

Sangzhi folk songs are China’s intangible cultural heritage, among which “Lampstand Made by Coriaria Branches” is known as the world’s most beautiful love song.

Maogusi Dance

Maogusi Dance is the most primitive dance on the earth, through which the Tujia people pay tribute to their ancestors, pray for a good harvest, and worship reproduction.

Girls Festival

The ninth day of the 7th lunar month is the Tujia Girls’ Festival, which is known as the eastern “Valentine’s Day”. On this day, Tujia boys and girls dress up to attend this festival, looking for lovers.

Driving dead body

“Driving dead body” is one of the three ancient mysteries of Xiangxi that have not been solved till now. Xiangxi people love their home, and so if they die in a strange land, the wizard will cast a spell and drive the corpse home.

Throwing Knife

The thrilling stunts and skills in works of Gu Long, a famous Kungfu novels writer, are breathtaking.

Kujia (crying marriage in Chinese)

In the unique marriage culture of Zhangjiajie Tujia and Miao nationalities, the bride begins to cry one month before her wedding until the wedding day. They use the way of crying to express their gratitude for their parents, brothers and sisters.

Charming Xiangxi has won many honorary titles, such as “National Demonstration Base for Cultural Industry”, “Top 10 Chinese tourist & performing arts institutions” and “China’s well-known trademarks”. It has participated in Shanghai Expo in 2012 and Shenzhen Culture Expo in 2012 and 2013 on behalf of Hunan Province. And its original program “Falling in Love”, the only minority performance, was staged on CCTV Gala in 2012, which showed the brilliant ethnic culture of western Hunan with exquisite artistic expression.

At the same time, it has been invited by the Ministry of Culture of the PRC for three consecutive years to attend the “Happy Spring Festival” cultural activities overseas, such as Italy, Czech Republic, Iraq and Russia.  

The original program Falling in Love

Charming Xiangxi is staged in Italy

Charming Xiangxi in Czech Republic, 2015

Charming Xiangxi in Iraq, 2016

Charming Xiangxi in Russia, 2017
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