Zhangjiajie attracts investment in Shanghai

By Liu Wei | Updated : Sep 16, 2020
Guo Zhenggui, secretary of Zhangjiajie City, together with leaders of relevant departments, local districts and counties, conducted investment attraction projects in Shanghai and exchanged their ideas with heads of some companies on September 12 to 14.

They visited some companies including Chuanyue Qianji Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Bright Dairy & Food Co.,Ltd., East Hope Group and Fosun Group, made some industrial agreements including technological innovation, Sangzhi Nantan pasture, pig breeding industry chain, and achieved the project cooperation including the development of tourism resorts and commercial tourism complexes, among which some have made positive progress.

As the world's leading innovative technology company focusing on the application of UAV artificial intelligence, Chuanyue Qianji company, since the establishment of the "Ehang Egret" brand in 2016, a UAVs landscape-creating media in airspace, has achieved the integration of technology and art characterized by beautiful appearance and cutting-edge technology, and injected power into brand promotion, large-scale celebration events beyond the existing traditional media, in order to shine the night sky of world-renowned landmarks and tourist attractions. A night sky show, completed by nearly 600 drones from the company, was staged on the North Bund of Shanghai on the evening of September 12. Those drones outlined some Chinese characters such as “魅力张家界”(Charming Zhangjiajie) and “绽放大上海”(Blooming Shanghai)" and well-known scenic spots in Zhangjiajie such as Wulingyuan and Tianmen Mount, showing the dazzling beauty of Zhangjiajie on the night sky of Shanghai.

As Zhangjiajie and Chuanyue Qianji Group enjoy the world-class reputation on tourism and science and technology respectively, it is hoped that both can combine their advantages for a win-win cooperation, in order to show a new chapter for Zhangjiajie's future development, said Guo Zhenggui.

Shi Zheyuan, chairman of Chuanyue Qianji, introduced the application of drones in the cultural and tourism industry, and said that the company will focus on building China's first cultural tourism brand through the target strategy. While developing products for nighttime economy, it will launch daytime aerial smart tourism, providing a set of smart AI tourism terminals combining drones and VR glasses for scenic spots through shared drones, so that tourists can enjoy the stunning scenery from the sky. UAV technology can help Zhangjiajie maximize the value of scenic spots and boost the local economy, which is an attempt to break the way of traditional tourism in the country.


Fosun Group, founded in 1992, is one of the four major culture and tourism groups in China. It ranks 416th in the Forbes Fortune 500 in 2018. As one of the world's leading comprehensive tourism groups focusing on leisure and vacation, the company, driven by industrial operation and strategic investment, carries out the whole industry chain layout and global resource integration centering on the leisure vacations for families around the world. The group has 1.8 million member customers worldwide.

Zhangjiajie, relying on its unique resources, has vigorously promoted the integrated development of tourism and industry, with higher popularity and influence, and more development potential. Fosun Group, as an important investment and financing platform for the development of cultural creative industry, boasts strong strength. Therefore, Zhangjiajie should achieve its high-quality development by keeping a partnership with such excellent enterprises like Fosun Group.

Guo Zhenggui hopes that the two sides will organize special teams to strengthen contact and communication in an attempt to promote the progress of the project and work together to create a high-quality product with culture and tourism satisfying tourists and local citizens.

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