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Qiaoqiao Wine

Updated : Oct 07, 2019

Qiaoqiao Wine boasts not only an interesting name but also a special appearance. It is faint yellow in color and tastes a little sweet with bamboo fragrance. The production process of the wine is very complicated. Tujia people will pour rice wine into bamboo when they are in vigorous growth period in spring in order to synchronize the fermentation process of wine with the growth of bamboo. Thus the fragrance of wine and bamboo will integrate with each other. The rice wine in each bamboo tube should experience natural brewing in spring, summer and autumn. After bamboo take shape in autumn, people will cut them down and put them in basement for later drinking. 

Way to drink Qiaoqiao Wine: A small hole should be made on the top of bamboo tube before drinking it. Then you can pour the wine into cups through the hole, which is a very special way. Tujia people beat the bamboo tube before drinking wine, and it has different implied meanings according to the number of times of beating. Beating once means extending warm welcome to rare visitors. Beating twice means they won't go home until they are thoroughly drunk. Beating three times means that they want to become your sworn brothers. 

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