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Zhangjiajie parched rice

Updated : May 17, 2019

Zhangjiajie parched rice is a kind of food that both adults and children love. The process of making it requires techniques in terms of not only the proportion of ingredients, but also the duration and degree of heating.

The process of making Zhangjiajie parched rice is quite complicate.

Firstly, cook and dry sticky rice or glutinous rice, then stir-fry it with sand, or deep-fry with tea-seed oil in the iron pan. Secondly, fry Sichuan sugar into syrup, and stir the syrup with parched rice, peanut kernel, sesame and other ingredients, then press and pave it in the wooden frame made of boards. Finally, cut it into rectangular blocks with a knife and dry it into sweet and crisp. 

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