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Wonderful Baofeng Lake in Zhangjiajie

By Liu Wei | Updated : Dec 02, 2020
Located in Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie City, Baofeng Lake is surrounded by sandstone peaks with various shapes and boasts crystal clear water, which is composed of groundwater, mountain spring water and rainwater. It is acclaimed as the "Jade Lake on Earth" and a“World Lake Classic”.

Baofeng Lake is 2.5 kilometers long, 200 to 1000 meters wide, and 72 meters deep on average. 

Visitors can take a boat while enjoying more than 20 appealing sights. The tour will take 2 to 3 hours.

Baofeng Waterfall

A waterfall pours down from a rock wall tens of meters high. Baofeng Waterfall was even seen in the Hallelujah Mountain in the sci-fi Avatar.

Yuanyang Island

Three islands in the center of the lake are named Yuanyang Island ( Mandarin Ducks Island), because this is the most favorable habitat for mandarin ducks, due to constant temperature of the lake and no freezing in winter. Every winter, many couples or lovers will come to visit for it is a rare love lake in the world.

Baofeng Goddess

Baofeng Goddess, also known as "Fairy Looking Into Mirror", refers to a stone peak which looks like a slim and graceful fairy, dressing up in front of the huge lake mirror. The stone peak is the most vivid and lifelike natural landscape in the scenic area.

There is a legend about Baofeng Goddess. She had been waiting for her lover who went to collect herbs on the mountain for thousands of years. Finally, she became a stone statue standing in the green mountains and clear water. She shed tears, eventually becoming the lake water. It is said that when the water level rises, the Baofeng Goddess will also grow higher, which is still an unknown mystery.

Golden Toad Keeping the Moon in Mouth 

There are two "V"-shaped peaks stacked each other at the end of Baofeng Lake, like a toad with its mouth open to the sky. Due to the unique geographical location, the moon just falls in its mouth on the Autumn Festival day each year, forming a peerless scene—golden toad keeping the moon in mouth.

Yingwo Village

Yingwo Village is one of the most important tourist attractions in Baofeng Lake Scenic Area. You can go along the mountain road on the right of the gate to reach the village. After entering the village, you need to climb hundreds of stone steps westward, seeing the cracks on the top of the stone peak as thin as threads. There are battlements at the entrance and Baofeng Temple at the end. A stone trail leads to the top.  

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