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Qingfeng Canyon—A Wonderland on Earth

By Lv Yao | Updated : Dec 11, 2020

Qingfeng Canyon was formerly called Shiheyu, which means a valley full of strange rocks and brooks. It wasn’t until a large number of outdoor enthusiasts discovered this charming place around 2009 that it was given the poetic name “Qingfeng Canyon” (Qingfeng means refreshing breeze).

The canyon is separated from the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Wulingyuan Core Scenic Area by the Stone Wall of Yangjiajie. In fact, as early as the beginning of the construction of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, it was within the scope of the scenic spot. At the beginning of this century, due to various factors such as canyon flooding and scenic spot management, the ticket station of Wulingyuan Scenic Spot was moved to the gate of Yangjiajie Scenic Spot. Therefore, Qingfeng Cnayon, which is only a 10-minute walk from the ticket station, has entered an idle period for several years with almost no tourists.

Around 2009, a large number of outdoor enthusiasts rediscovered it. The beautiful landscape, along with the gentle breeze, gurgling water, pine trees and strange peaks, as well as the original ecology with thick mosses on trails, made this canyon popular again. Qingfeng Canyon has become more and more popular, and gradually become a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and a summer resort in Zhangjiajie.

Because of the towering peaks and giant trees, the sunshine time of Qingfeng Canyon is only 3 or 4 hours a day. People can walk in the changing light and shadow, feeling the pleasant breeze. There are two waterfalls due to the convergence of large streams of water. One is Gaoshanliushui that can be seen hundreds of meters into the canyon, and the other is the most spectacular view of Qingfeng Canyon, which is hidden in the deepest part of the canyon and originates from Longquan Waterfall on the cliff over 600 meters above sea level on the top of Tianzi Mountain. The spray from the waterfall drift into the canyon with the breeze, which makes visitors realize why it is called Qingfeng Canyon.

The four-hour round trip of the canyon passes through 15 kilometers of uninhabited area, covering a variety of relaxing outdoor experiences such as tracing the river, climbing, and exploring the waterfall, with little difficulty. Along the way, there are almost no traces of artificial carvings except for the simple roads built by local villagers with stone year by year and a tourist service station like a Tujia courtyard. Ancient vines coiled on the stalagmites, rare five-colored azalea, and stone walls and peaks on both sides of the canyon are all unique landscapes here.

Attractive sights along the way include Zongbao Village, Chuanyan House, Stone Wall, Longquan Waterfall, Ancient Vines on the cliff and Five-Colored flowers.

Tourist Route: From Zhangjiajie downtown to Zhonghu Township, Zhaiyu, Baxian Mountain, Qingfeng Canyon Outdoor Sports Base (campsite), Longquan Waterfall, Ancient Vines, Five Colored Flower, Gaoshanliushui, Yangjiajie Ticket Station, and finally back to the urban area of Zhangjiajie City (A trip of two days and one night).

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