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Tianmen Mountain Scenic Spot makes operational adjustments

By Li Liandi | Updated : Jan 11, 2021
The escalators at Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area resume operation from January 9, 2021.

For the safety of the scenic spot, Tianmen Cave Escalator stopped receiving tourists. Tourists can take Tianmen Escalator for free.

Tianmen Cave Cableway, tour buses and ferry buses in the scenic spot will be out of service. Only the round-trip ropeway tour line A is available during the suspension period.

New tour route: check in from the lower station of the passenger cableway to the top → take the cableway from Tianmen Fanshui down to Tianmen Cave Square → take the escalator to the top → take the cableway from the upper station of passenger cableway before exiting the scenic spot.

The two-way ropeway tour line B and C and the single-way cableway tour line 1 and 2 will be suspended until further notice. The glass skywalks on the east line and west line as well as Panlong Cliff may be closed at any time due to winter weather.

Edited by Li Ling

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