Poverty alleviation in Mudixi Village told in film and TV series

By Zhuang Yurong | Updated : Jan 12, 2021
A promotional film about the poverty alleviation in Mudixi Village was released recently.  

Mudixi Village, located in Siduping Township, Yongding District, is over 80 kilometers away from the urban area, where there are many stilted buildings. It has primitive ecology, with 99 old trees, 3 ancient bridges, 32 old alleys, 121 ancient buildings, and a forest coverage rate of over 95%. These are the well-deserved national intangible cultural heritage, because they are the living fossils of ethnic architecture culture.

The people here have lived alongside Mudi Creek for generations. Like turtledoves and blue magpies in the mountain, they find it difficult to leave their hometown, but they never complain, but keep hard-working, artless, and hospitable. As the creator of Song from Mudi Creek knows, many famous ancient poets like Meng Haoran, Li Bai, and Tao Yuanming visited Mudixi Village and created verses familiar to the Chinese people.  

Song from Mudi Creek enables us to see that all the villagers are simple and kind to each other, and faithful to local customs. The village-based assistance team from the Publicity Department of the Municipal Committee of Zhangjiajie focuses on targeted poverty alleviation, and the caring team helps the old and left-behind children. Besides, A Land So Rich in Beauty is worth mentioning as it tells the stories of poverty alleviation. In this TV series, Mudixi Village is called Wanmixi Village. It reproduces the great changes that have taken places in Wanmixi Village, Yongcheng County from 2016 to 2019, recording the historic events in the process of securing a decisive victory in poverty alleviation.

The TV series is adapted from an essay based on Mudi Creek. As the artery of Mudixi Village, it adds vigor to the buildings on its banks and brings happiness and peace to villagers. The release of Song from Mudi Creek allows people to understand Mudixi Village better when watching the TV series.

It is said that villagers in Mudixi Village are exploring local ecological, cultural, and historical resources to protect and take advantage of them and build the village into a destination of rural tourism.

To understand Mudixi Village, people can begin with Song from Mudi Creek, then watch A Land So Rich in Beauty, and visit Mudixi Village in person. 

Edited by Li Ling

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports