Wulingyuan speeds up kudzu production for New Year

By Xie Xiaoyan | Updated : Jan 12, 2021
The freshly harvested kudzu was processed at Xiang A Mei Kudzu Industry Demonstration Base in Xiehe township, Wulingyuan district, Zhangjiajie city on January 11.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, manufacturers of kudzu products in Wulingyuan work at full capacity to produce kudzu powder, noodles and other products to meet customers’ requirements.

In recent years, taking advantage of tourism resources, Wulingyuan has developed the planting and deep processing industry of kudzu, and has continuously expanded production and marketing channels of its products to better increase the people’s income. At present, the planting area of kudzu in the whole district exceeds 5,000 mu (about 3.3 square kilometers).

Edited by Li Ling 

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