28 Hunan products awarded GI in 2020

By Li Liandi | Updated : Jan 12, 2021
 In 2020, Hunan had 28 products awarded Geographical Indication (GI), according to the Hunan Administration for Market Regulation. So far, Hunan has 266 GI products, which has given an impetus to its targeted poverty alleviation and high-quality regional development.

GI, an important element of intellectual properties, identifies a product’s origin. Sangzhi County has 79,000 mu (more than 5,266.7 hectares) of “Sangzhi White Tea” plantations which have provided 74,500 jobs for the locals, especially the poverty-stricken households. There are 88 cooperatives or family farms engaged in “Sangzhi Honey”, and 104 bee keepers. A number of local specialties have been awarded GI certificates, including white tea, honey, konjak, and radish. These have made Sangzhi a good example of boosting targeted poverty alleviation through intellectual properties.

According to the related person in charge, last year, 7 Hunan-based products were included in the first and second batches of Chinese GI products in the China-EU bilateral agreement on GI. A total of 485 enterprises were labeled with GI marks, whose annual output value exceeded 50 billion yuan. Huaihua’s Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County is a national demonstration area of GI protection. Sangzhi honey and Zhangjiajie giant salamander are included in the GI application and promotion project of the National Intellectual Property Administration.  

Statistics show that there are more than 1,200 enterprises possessing GI trademarks,  involving over 5,000 related businesses around Hunan. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), these enterprises created 220,000 jobs in poverty-stricken regions, and helped 1.39 million people out of poverty. 

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