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Zhangjiajie Romance Park to be closed

By Xie Xiaoyan | Updated : Jan 21, 2021
In order to provide better services for tourists, Zhangjiajie Romance Park will be closed from January 20 to February 11 (New Year’s Eve) to renovate venues and facilities. The large-scale song and dance Zhangjiajie Eternal Love will also be suspended. It will reopen on February 12 (Lunar New Year’s Day) until further notice.

Zhangjiajie Romance Park

Zhangjiajie Romance Park combines culture, performance, technology, amusement, and experience, allowing tourists to appreciate the extraordinary natural scenery and culture of Zhangjiajie.

One can visit Dayong Ancient Street, Taoyuan Secret Land, Sea of Lovers and Rotten Apple Parent-Child Paradise, wear ancient costumes and enjoy the ethnic customs of Xiangxi. They can also watch special performances with local characteristics and participate in theme activities such as colorful bubble festival, pepper festival, autumn research and study tour, which are suitable for all ages.

The large-scale song and dance Zhangjiajie Eternal Love embodies the history, culture and legends of Zhangjiajie for hundreds of millions of years, attracting the audience at all times. It allows them to appreciate the magical work of nature, a colorful underwater world and the dreamlike Wulingyuan wonderland. They can also experience the magical and spectacular 3,000-ton flood pouring down and the legends of Zhangjiajie from ancient and modern times with countless heroes and emotional stories.

Edited by Li Ling 

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