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Ma’ershan Resort: a must-go place for vacation

By Tao Wei | Updated : Jan 29, 2021
As a tourist city, Zhangjiajie has numerous beautiful tourist attractions, which catch the attention of many Chinese and foreign tourists. But there is a place called Ma’ershan Resort, which is highly recommended, though some local people are not very familiar with it.

Ma’ershan Resort, located in the western suburbs of Zhangjiajie City, is 20 minutes away from the urban area. It is known as the “pearl of the western suburb” of Zhangjiajie. After several years of development, the resort is equipped with all kinds of facilities, especially the Yanerwo Homestay Hotel, the Imperial Hot Spring, and the Wubianshanshui Swimming Pool, which are the three most representative business cards of the resort.

Recommended Dishes 

Ma’ershan Tujia cuisine: There are all kinds of dishes and a dazzling array of Tujia side dishes, both delicious and goo-looking.

Barbecue: It is a must-eat food in winter. With all kinds of ingredients, customers can taste the delicious grilled whole lamb, mutton kebabs, beef kebabs and so on in such comfortable environment.

Tea room: Customers can invite three or five friends to have a free chat with a pot of tea.

Recommended Hotels

With the theme of comfort and nature, Ma’ershan Yanerwo Homestay Hotel is a luxury homestay characterized by rustic luxury and light seclusion, and a perfect combination of the roughness of the countryside and the luxury of architecture. With 9 high-end guest rooms, it has various types of rooms including parent-child rooms, double-bed rooms, and so on, which could meet the needs of everyone.

Outdoor hot spring:

Ma’ershan Imperial Hot Spring is built on the mountain, with 10 pools out of doors and 3 indoors. Each hot spring pool has a different health effect. When taking baths in natural spring water, people could appreciate the beauty of the distant mountains and the idyllic scenery everywhere. Those who live in Yanerwo Homestay Hotel can enjoy the natural outdoor hot spring for free.

In addition, there are lots of folk activities in Ma’ershan Resort such as chess and card room, making glutinous rice cakes, filling sausages, dragon dance, etc. If you are interested, you can participate together to relax yourself and experience the local Tujia culture and folk customs.

Yanerwo Homestay Hotel (9 rooms in total which also provide local seasonal fruits, free drinks, delicate breakfast, the Imperial Hot Spring, small lawn campfire, free refreshments)

Address: Ma’ershan Resort (Ma’ershan Village, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province)

Ma’ershan Resort, a suburb outside the planned urban area, is located at the intersection of Zhanghua Expressway and Zhangsang Expressway. It is a 20-minute drive from the downtown area, a 40-minute drive from the core scenic area, and a 25-minute drive from the airport and railway station. In line with the principles of advocating nature, returning to nature, and imitation of nature, the resort highlights the health regimen from the aspects of healthy eating, comfortable living, the harmony of mind, and self-cultivation. This people-oriented resort aims at achieving the harmony between nature and humans. With a planned area of more than 1,000 acres, the project mainly includes ecological fruit and vegetable picking garden, landscape greening garden, fishing garden, holiday villa around the lake, health club in the bay, farmhouse dining area, agricultural product processing and storage area, ecological culture square, etc., striving to create an ecological holiday project full of knowledge, interest, and experience with agriculture as the leading industry and value-added functions such as experience sightseeing, vacation, popular science education, farming experience, health care and so on.

Edited by Li Ling 

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