To appreciate flowers in Huanglong Cave

By Zhuang Yurong | Updated : Feb 22, 2021
Chinese flowering crabapple, plum blossoms, camellia, cherry blossoms, magnolias are blooming in succession at the ecological square in Huanglong Cave Scenic Area, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City, attracting many tourists and citizens on February 20.

Huanglong Cave Scenic Area is praised as “China’s Best Karst Cave” and “Champion of the World’s Karst Caves”. The ecological square in the scenic area, invested with over 200 million yuan in total, is open to tourists from home and abroad for free. Tourists can not only visit wonderful karst caves, but appreciate idyllic and ecological scenery when travelling in Huanglong Cave Scenic Area. The picturesque and well-equipped scenic area is a good choice for tourists visiting Zhangjiajie and a popular resort among local citizens.

The Spring Festival holiday is over, but the number of tourists that the scenic area receives remains stable, and that of tourists who visit in groups increases remarkably, showing positive trend for Zhangjiajie’s tourism, according to a staff of Huanglong Cave Company.

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports