Volunteers spend Lantern Festival with left-behind children in Xiangjiaping

By Zhuang Yurong | Updated : Mar 01, 2021
A volunteer activity was held to celebrate the Lantern Festival with the left-behind children in Xiangjiaping Community, Tianzishan Street, Wulingyuan District on February 26.

The volunteers made handicrafts such as lanterns and firecrackers, wrote Chinese characters with a brush, colored paintings, made paper-cut for window decoration, and ate sweet dumplings (tangyuan) with the children and their grandparents. Besides, they sent some gifts to the children, spending a happy festival with them.

“I had great fun. I’m not lonely at all with the companion of the volunteers and my grandparents even though my parents are absent,” said Deng Jianghong, one of the left-behind children.

This activity not only allowed the left-behind children to experience the joy of the festival, but brought warmth to them, according to the head of the community’s station for building a culturally-advanced community in the new era. The community will organize more volunteer activities to help the left-behind children, enabling them to feel the warmth of home and the care from the society.

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports