Li Hongyan wins weekly champion of Star Avenue

By Tao Wei | Updated : Mar 01, 2021
Li Hongyan, a young Tujia folk singer from Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City, won the weekly champion for her outstanding performances on Star Avenue, a talent show on CCTV-1 popular across the country on February 25.

In 2019, Li won the champion in a Sangzhi folk songs competition in Zhangjiajie. There are four parts in the competition. Li sang a song “Clear Water of High Mountain”, performed the sitcom “A Lampstand Made by Mulberry Trees”, sang “My Beautiful Hometown” and “Beauty, Where Are You” respectively. She conquered the judges and audience with her sweet voice, wonderful performance, and strong artistic appeal, and finally won the weekly champion.

Li Hongyan is another Zhangjiajie singer who has performed on the CCTV variety show after Liu Sai, Shanshui Group, Gemela Group, Zazaduo Group and Sumuchuchuo Group. In recent years, Zhangjiajie Federation of Literary and Art Circles relies on local cultural and tourism resources, functions as a bridge, and focuses on the integration of culture and tourism. Literary and art workers has explored and promoted the red culture and Tujia culture, integrated it with the landscape of Zhangjiajie, and thus created many popular literary works that keep up with the times and reflect the life of common people. Many local singers have performed on Star Avenue and other variety shows, making contribution to building Zhangjiajie’s cultural brands and promoting Zhangjiajie tourism.

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports