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3 revolution-themed tourist attractions in Zhangjiajie

By Li Liandi | Updated : Mar 19, 2021
The list of eight revolution-themed tourist attractions in Hunan province was released by Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. There are three of them in Zhangjiajie, including Yongding District Memorial Hall of Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Revolutionary Base, Liujiaping Starting Point of Long March and Former Residence of He Long.

This aims to further create revolution-themed tourist brands in Hunan Province, promote the high-quality development of revolution-themed tourism and promote the deep integration of culture and tourism.

Yongding District Memorial Hall of Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Revolutionary Base

The Memorial Hall of Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Revolutionary Base is located in Jiefang Road, Zhangjiajie City, and 30 km away from Wulingyuan, a world natural heritage site. It is a national patriotic education demonstration base, and has been included in a national revolution-themed tourist attraction.

In 1934, in order to develop the base area and support the Long March of the Central Red Army, some military leaders like Ren Bishi and He Long led the the Second and Sixth Front Army to liberate Dayong (today’s Yongding District), established the Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou provincial committee, reform committee and military areas, and created Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Revolutionary Base.

The memorial hall is a courtyard house. In the east are the former residences of Ren Bishi, He Long and Xiao Ke, in the south is the exhibition hall, in the west is the hall of Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Party Committee Site and in the north is the site of the former offices of Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Reform Committee and Provincial Military Region. The Hunan-Hubei-Sichuan-Guizhou Revolutionary Base made great contributions to Chinese revolution.
Liujiaping - the Starting Point of Long March

In November 2014, Liujiaping Memorial Hall of Long March of the Second Front Red Army was approved by the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council to rebuilt. It’s the only memorial hall in China that systematically displays the great achievements of the Second Front Red Army, a provincial demonstration base of patriotism education and national defense education.

In October 1986, the Long March Monument of the Second Front Red Army was built in Gantian Dam of Liujiaping. It is 21 meters high and its pedestal is square with the side length of 2 meters. The inscriptions on it were written by General Wang Zhen. 

The general headquarters site of the Second and Sixth Front Troops of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army is located in the Longyan Valley of Liujiaping, Sangzhi County. It is a large stilted building with three sets of wood houses. It has the typical residential style of western Hunan Province, with a construction area of 2,000 square meters. 

It consists of several parts, including Former Residence of He Long, Former Residence of Ren Bishi and the headquarters of the Second Red Army.

Former Residence of He Long

Located in Hongjiaguan Bai Township of Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, the Former Residence of He Long is an ordinary wooden house facing south. In the main room, there is a bronze bust of Marshal He Long in military uniform. It was originally built by He Liangshi, the grandfather of He Long, during the reign of the Emperor Dao Guang (1821-1850) in the Qing Dynasty. He Long was born and spent his childhood and adolescence here.

He Long’s Former Residence was rated as a key cultural relic protection unit in Hunan Province by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government in 1983. On July 11, 1986, Comrade Deng Xiaoping inscribed the words “He Long Former Residence”. On May 25, 2006, it was listed as a national key cultural relic protection unit. On March 22, 2016, the 120th anniversary of the birth of Marshal He Long, the residence was renovated.

Edited by Li Ling 

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