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Bajiacun Village spring travel guide

By Ma Yerong | Updated : Mar 29, 2021
Bajiacun Village, where clear water flows, peach and pear blossoms are in full bloom, is suitable for a spring excursion.

Peach blossoms are blooming in pink, creating a romantic and pleasant world for friends and lovers.

The pear blossoms that begin to bloom in mid-March is also a feast for the eyes in spring. Pear blossoms are as white as snow, fluttering and dancing in the gentle spring breeze.

Tour tips:

There are two self-driving routes. You can start from the urban district, drive along National Highway No. 353 on Zhangjiajie-Cili Line, and then drive north along the village road after passing Hezuoqiao Township People’s Government. The whole journey is about 28 kilometers and takes about 50 minutes. Also, you can drive from the urban district to Yanghuping, turn north into the mountain areas at Chaoshuixi intersection, pass Dongpojiao, Anziyan, Qierqiao, Gongjiadi, and Tianziyuan before arriving at Hezuoqiao Town. This takes about 30 minutes.

Sightseeing routes for hikers

You can first spend an hour admiring peach and pear blossoms in Erdeng mountain, then go to Guanyu Reservoir (the reservoir area is 68 mu (about 11.2 acres)), then go to the ancient bamboo handicraft shop to experience the labor tools and weaving crafts of the Tujia people before having a meal in a characteristic farmhouse named Laoli Dagupi, where there are fishing ponds, swimming pool, KTV, and parking lot. After that, you can climb Baofeng Mountain, which will take about 3 hours. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can overlook Qilihe River in the east, Tianmen Mountain and airport, Yangjiajie in the west, Wulingyuan and Baizhang Valley in the north, and enjoy the beautiful scenes of mountains and cliffs.

Baofeng Temple on the top of Baofeng Mountain was built in the Tang and Song Dynasties. It is an important historical and cultural relic in Yongding District.

Edited by Li Ling

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