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Proposal for civilized commemorative activities

By Zhuang Yurong | Updated : Mar 24, 2021
Tomb-Sweeping Day is a traditional festival when people cherish the memory of their ancestors. As the day is approaching, Zhangjiajie Civilization Office and Zhangjiajie Civil Affairs Bureau put forward a proposal that citizens and tourists should pay attention when taking part in commemorative activities. The proposal aims to inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture, cultivate and practice the core socialist values, change the old customs, foster civilization, consolidate the achievements in epidemic prevention and control, and promote the construction of a civilized city. The specific contents are as follows:

Commemorative activities should be organized in a safe way. Citizens should improve their awareness of safety, conform to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and avoid gathering for commemorative activities to prevent against the rebound of epidemic. During the festival, all the funeral parlors, cemeteries, and other places providing funeral services in Zhangjiajie should keep the order of the activities.

Commemorative activities should be organized in a civilized way. Citizens should observe related regulations, change the uncivilized ways such as burning joss paper on the sides of roads, banks, and other places and setting off firecrackers. Citizens should boycott sacrificial products made of non-degradable plastics or silver paper and those with the patterns of RMB. The new ways such as reminiscence at home, online commemorative activities, and writing down wishes are suggested while vulgar ways are resisted.

Commemorative activities should be organized in a frugal way. Citizens should inherit revolutionary culture, spread the traditional virtues of respecting, caring for, and showing filial piety to the elder, spend more time accompanying the elder, and avoid extravagance in commemorative activities. The outdated conventions and customs should be transformed and abandoned. The deceased should be buried in an eco-friendly way, funerals should be held as simple as possible, and commemorative activities should be organized frugally, so as to comfort both the deceased and the living.

The Party members and cadres should take the lead in civilized commemorative activities. Cadres from local governments, especially the Party members should play a leading role in promoting funeral and interment reform and advocating cremation, eco-friendly burial, frugal funerals, civilized commemorative activities, so as to influence people around them.

It is the responsibility of the whole society to promote funeral and interment reform and foster civilization. We should take actions immediately to inherit excellent traditional Chinese culture, practice Chinese virtues, play a leading role in green burial and funerals and civilized commemorative activities, and promote civilization for a new era, so as to spend a civilized, frugal, safe, and harmonious Tomb- Sweeping Day.

Zhangjiajie Civilization Office and Zhangjiajie Civil Affairs Bureau
March 22, 2021

Edited by Li Ling

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports