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To enjoy yourself in Maershan Resort

By Zhuang Yurong | Updated : Mar 26, 2021
If you are bored with urban life, you can choose to appreciate pure spring scenery and breathe fresh air in Maershan Resort. You can roam the grassland, filed, or an ecological orchard covering an area of over 700 mu (about 47 hectares). Wherever you go, you will feel refreshed in spring.

Taking a rest in Yanerwo when you feel tired is a good choice too. You can sit in the spacious and bright lobby, drink a cup of tea or coffee, listen to the sound of drizzle, and appreciate the pastoral scenery outside. This must be the most relaxing time for you.

Yanerwo is located in the hillside of Maer Mountain. You can not only have a comfortable experience, but get close to nature. There are nine rooms in total, which are all bright and spacious. The soft bed, warm sofa, and other considerate designs will make you feel at home. The glass, balconies, large bath tubs in front of the windows, high wooden roofs, and huge glass windows create excellent lighting and allow customers to have a bird’s-eye view of beautiful scenery. You can bathe in warm sunshine when you get up in the morning and feast your eyes on lush mountains after opening the window. Taking a deep breath, you can feel the fresh and sweet air. Having a specially-made breakfast, you will be full of energy for the whole day.

Yanerwo High-End Homestay (nine rooms in total): you can taste local seasonal fruits, enjoy free drinks and deserts, have delicate breakfast, bathe in hot springs, and sit around a bonfire in the lawn.

Address: Maershan Resort (Maershan Village, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province)

Maershan Resort lies in the suburb of Yinjiaxi Town, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City. It is at the junction of Zhangjiajie-Huayuan Expressway and Zhangjiajie-Sangzhi Expressway, which is 20 minutes’ drive from the downtown, 40 minutes’ drive from core scenic areas, and 25 minutes’ drive from the airport and railway station. The resort upholds the philosophy of nature, aims to provide a healthy, comfortable, and harmonious experience for customers, and attaches importance to every detail to realize the harmony between man and nature. Covering a planning area of over 1,000 mu (about 67 hectares), it includes many projects, such as picking gardens, nurseries, fishing areas, lakeshore villas, health clubs, rural restaurants, agricultural product processing areas, and ecological cultural parks. It will be built into a multifunctional ecological resort with agriculture as its core, allowing tourists to go sightseeing, enjoy leisure, gain knowledge, experience farming, and improve their health.

Edited by Li Ling 

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