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‘Red Sangzhi’ to be staged

By Li Liandi | Updated : Mar 29, 2021
Red Sangzhi, the first revolution-themed situation play and created by Maoyan River Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie, will be staged soon.

The performance aims to inherit the Chinese revolution-themed culture, carry forward the revolutionary spirit and present a gift to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The 60-minute situation play runs four times a day during the daytime. It takes the revolutionary process of Marshal He Long as the main line and the revolution-themed culture of Sangzhi as the background. It’s divided into 8 chapters to present the brilliant achievements made by revolutionary martyrs, so that people can better remember history and cherish peace.

The performance theater is located in the exit of Empyrean Fairy Cave (Jiutian Xuannv Cave). At present, the main structure of the theater has been completed and the interior decoration is under way. The rehearsal of the program will be ended. It’s expected to be staged at the end of March this year.

“Compared with other performances in Zhangjiajie, the key to success of this revolution-themed situation play lies in how to present the story of Marshal He Long, and show the great achievements of revolutionary martyrs within 60 minutes. In terms of story lines and stage design, the program creates something very touching to different age groups,” the person in charge of the performance said that the performance also added glasses-free 3D and holographic techniques and other skills to give people a new visual impact.

The performance, introduced by Zhangjiajie Maoyanhe Tourism Development, aims to enrich the connotation of Zhangjiajie’s culture and tourism and increase highlights of Mayanhe’s tourism products. At that time, tourists can enjoy revolution-themed culture while visiting Maoyan River. The company will also closely cooperate with some travel agencies and study and research institutions to build a revolution-themed education base here, providing professional services for the party and team building activities.   

Zhangjiajie Maoyan River Scenic Area

With Maoyan River as the axis, Maoyan River Scenic Area covers an area of 120 square meters in Sangzhi County and Yongding District. It boasts many tourism projects, such as Maoyan River rafting, Jiutian Cave, Kuzhu Ancient Village, Wentang Hot Spring, and New Zealand jet boat. It’s a gathering area for tourism resources integrating canyon scenery, cave scenery, water drifting, folk customs and revolution-themed culture.
Maoyan River has the reputation of “a hundred-mile gallery” for its beautiful natural environment. The drifting on Maoyan River is 22 kilometers long with relative height of 100 meters to 400 meters. It is a part of the middle reach of Lishui River, starting from Kuzhu Village and ending at Maogang.

Maoyan River was the territory of Maogang Tujia headmen, and outsiders were not allowed in. So, the natural ecological environment on both sides of Maoyan River has been completely preserved.  

There are more than 20 scenic spots along the river, which will take visitors one hour for sightseeing. And the characteristics include: “red” (revolutionary culture) , “white” (folk customs of Bai nationality ), “three cultures” (dock culture, bean planting civilization, rice planting civilization), “three kinds of folklore (Tujia headmen, bandits and Tujia nationality).

There is a rare primitive forest along the Maoyan River Grand Canyon, which is abundant with different varieties of trees. The oldest tree is over 1,600 years old.

It is also a good shooting location for films and MTVs.

In Maoyan River Grand Canyon, tourists can not only enjoy beautiful landscapes like the tranquil valley, precipitous cliffs, lush mountains, green water, strange rocks and caves, but also can appreciate the folk customs and farming culture of Tujia and other minorities, and the stories of the heroes in the revolutionary era.  


Edited by Li Ling 

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