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'Tianmen Fox Fairy' to be staged on April 2

By Tao Wei | Updated : Apr 01, 2021
The Tianmen Fox Fairy show, the world’s first landscape musical, will be staged for the first time in 2021 with a surprisingly elite version on April 2.

Drawn from The Story of a Woodcutter and His Fox Wife, a well-known folk love story in Hunan Province, the musical is directed by Mei Shuaiyuan, the founder of China’s landscape performances, set in magnificent peaks and canyons in Tianmen Mountain, and performed on the world’s most luxurious outdoor music theater with an investment of 150 million yuan and by more than 300 actors. It is the world’s first and only musical with a complete storyline performed in a real landscape.

There has been more than 3,000 performances and over 5 million audiences from more than 50 countries in the past 12 years. As a model of the integration of cultural construction and tourism development in Hunan Province, Tianmen Fox Fairy was awarded the National Cultural Tourism Development Contribution Award—A Tourism Performance Affecting China’s Tourism at the first China International Cultural Tourism Festival in 2010, which has become a representative card of Hunan Culture and is rated as “Chinese Landscape Broadway” by Chinese and foreign tourists.

In order to present audiences with a more artistic audio-visual feast, the performance team made high-quality innovations and adaptations to the lighting, sound, stage art, video effects, and the overall narrative rhythm of the show. Among them, the plot is specially condensed into a 65-minute elite version, allowing the audience to have an immersive experience when watching this magical love drama that shows artistry and nationality.

Tianmen Fox Fairy will be staged at Tianmenshan Canyon Theater at 20:20 every night from April 2. 

Edited by Li Ling 

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