Cattle breeding accelerates poverty alleviation

By Tao Wei | Updated : Apr 07, 2021
In 2018, with the help of the Department of Transportation of Hunan Province, Lashu Village, Yangliupu Township, Cili County, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, made use of geographical advantages and natural resources to foster poverty alleviation industries and increase the income of the villagers while making every effort to build infrastructure. Cattle breeding is one of the industries that help overcome poverty. After a cattle farm with more than 500 heads of cattle a year had been built by a team from the Department of Transportation, Jiang Dongrong, an old party member having experience in cattle breeding, and his son Jiang Guomin contracted the farm, and established Zhangjiajie Shuangxi Livestock Breeding Professional Cooperative.

With the unremitting efforts of them, and after nearly two years of development, the cooperative has now formed an industrial model of “purchasing high-quality calves + feeding + butchering + marketing by themselves”.

On April 1, Jiang Guomin was seen to feed a cow that had just given birth. There are more than 60 cattle in his farm. “The annual net income of the cattle farm is more than 100,000 yuan,” he said. Now, the number of mountain cattle and Simmental raised by the cooperative is over 60, and the total number of cattle can reach more than 200 by the end of the year.

The father and son have a clear division of labor in the cooperative. Jiang Guomin is responsible for purchasing supplementary materials such as corn stalks and exporting beef, while his father is in charge of the epidemic prevention, feeding, and alfalfa planting of the cattle farm to ensure that they have something to feed cattle in the winter. “It is a wise choice to hand over the cattle farm to them. Now the villagers benefit greatly from the farm. On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021, merchants from Changsha bought 20 cattle in total,” said Deng Zhibin, the head of the team from the Provincial Department of Transportation.

In 2020, the cattle farm sold 65 cattle, with a gross income of 970,000 yuan, which brought the village a dividend of 100,000 yuan. “Cattle in Lashu Village are now popular, so I want to take the opportunity to make it known by more people. I believe that with the good policies of the party and the support of my father, our cattle will become the leading industry that helps increase villagers’ income,” said Jiang Guomin.

Edited by Li Ling

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