Six programs of Zhangjiajie selected for provincial contest

By Zhou Jingxuan | Updated : Apr 30, 2021
On April 28, the final of the competition among art troupes in Zhangjiajie in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC was held.

The competition started with a passionate octet of “My People, My Country”, which made the audience burst into cheers in no time for its sonorous rhythm and enthusiastic interpretation. What followed it is a song with dance “Devote Everything to the Party” and then “Red Plum under the Guillotine”, which won a round of applause.

“This is really a visual feast that makes my eyes filled with tears and blood boil,” one performer said after watching “Revolution Assembly”, a scene dance performed by a group of spirited boys in which there are tearful farewell and visions for the future in the hail of bullets, showing a spirit of self-sacrifice in the protection of the country.

 “Red Army Tree”, “Force Crossing Lishui River”, “Green Coriaria Sinia” and “Old Bare Hill”, staged in succession, created a warm atmosphere. After the evaluation of the expert group, the city's "top ten programs" and "top ten actors" were selected out, and six programs were selected to participate in the provincial competition.

The provincial contest includes two stages, cloud performance and on-site final. In May, “cloud performance” and image display will be held for the programs and actors that have passed the reexamination in the province and online voting channels will be opened too. In late June, after the reexamination and online voting, the top 20 programs and actors will compete for the province’s "top 10 programs" and "top 10 actors" in the final.
Since 2013, “Happy Xiaoxiang” cultural activity has been held for 9 years, which now has become a brand of the mass cultural activity in Zhangjiajie. The performances, with the common people playing the leading role and as stars, successfully exhibit the folk culture of Zhangjiajie.

Edited by Li Ling 

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