Damijie tea farmers busy picking tea leaves

By Qu Shasha | Updated : Apr 30, 2021
Tea farmers were busy picking tea leaves at the demonstration base for standardized vine tea production at Damijie Village (the major production area of vine tea), Maoyanhe Village, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie on April 29.

“Although the later period for tea picking, it is right time to pick tea leaves in Damijie, because the picking period of spring tea here lasts from June to September, a month later than other places, due to its high altitude and low temperature. You see this is Damijie Snow Tea, one of vine tea brands in Zhangjiajie,” Qin Xin introduced, director of the base and chairman of Zhangjiajie Zhongshi Ecological Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd.

The total planning area is 3,000 mu with the current planting area (close to 1,700 mu) and 1,000 mu for herbal medicine, which enables nearly 1,000 farmers to work nearby and shake off poverty. Next, the company will strive to build the base into a provincial demonstration park of characteristic industry and thus contribute to rural revitalization

Zhangjiajie Zhongshi Ecological Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. specializes in vine tea and alpine herbs planting, product processing and sales. Its own brand "Damijie Snow Tea" has passed the certification of State Trademark Administration and green food. Meanwhile, the company is developing tourism on the basis of its tea culture to promote production through marketing and building Damijie Snow Tea ecotourism demonstration park to fully realize the integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

Last year, Yongding District was awarded the “home of vine tea”. At present, the total planting area of vine tea in Yongding District reaches 116,000 mu and more than 150 tons of fresh spring tea has been produced with an output of more than 60 billion yuan.

Edited by Li Ling 

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